Bliss Balls

Boxes packed full of raw bliss balls that bring energy, clarity & focus to your team or active family!

Each box contains 24 bliss ball pots & each of these contains two balls  giving 48 units in total.  Each box is designed to fuel a team of 20 for a week and are the natural follow on to the fantastic offering of free fruit provided by many businesses.  These quick and convenient snacks provide a simple alternative to traditional office fare & make it easy for your team to make a healthy choice feel the best possible version of themselves.

Fresh, always handmade and completely natural; every single ingredient in our balls is one you would find in your own kitchen.  Combined together they create a nutritionally dense profile that leaves you feeling satisfied and without the need to over-indulge.  Because we make everything by hand, from scratch using no preservatives whatsoever we can truly claim that our bliss balls are the freshest out there.

You will get a 50:50 split of our current flavours.  On the menu at the moment is our Raw Hazelnut, Cacao & Hemp Protein Bliss Ball & our Salted Caramel & Coconut Bliss Ball.  We change flavours regularly.

Please note that the minimum order for Bliss Balls is two boxes.  All of our Bliss Balls contain nuts.

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