3 Day Nourish Plan


Our carefully designed, plant focused packages provide you with between 1200-1400 calories a day and consist of 3 balance meals, infused water, a cleansing green juice and raw snack.

Choose from a protein powered or plant powered (vegan) package to fuel your body with some of the most hydrating, natural and fresh foods on earth.

3 days a week from £27 a day

We do not offer our packages over the weekends as they are full of spontaneity and temptations. So get out there and enjoy it assured that we are here for you when you’re ready for a fresh, healthy and natural start to the week.

Protein powered example menu

Day 1

Breakfast: Apple, pear, almond and goji granola, organic live yogurt, fresh blackberries

Hydrating fresh smoothie: Watermelon, cucumber, blueberry, fresh mint and lemon

Lunch: grilled free range chicken breast, Asian slaw salad, Tamari roasted carrots, red quinoa, ginger and sesame dressing

Snack: RAW pecan, maca, peanut and cacao energy ball

Dinner: Peanut, sweet potato, kale and chickpea curry with red rice

Example Plant Powered menu

Day 1

Breakfast: Chia, coconut and mango breakfast pot with fresh raspberries

Cleansing green juice: spinach, celery, cucumber, fresh mint, parsley, green apple, lemon juice, spirulina

Lunch: courgette, edamame, chickpea and basil pesto salad, roasted Mediterranean vegetable quinoa and green goodness dressing

Snack: Cacao, orange and almond energy ball

Dinner: Mexican black bean, spinach, kale and butternut squash with almond quinoa

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