Energy Boosting Ingredients

Posted on 19th April 2017 in Food

These lesser known ingredients are absolute staples in the Nourish kitchen with good merit.
Each of these ‘superfoods’ are densely concentrated in the form of phytonutrients to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, aid in muscle recovery, and boost antioxidants.
We use these ingredients to turn our natural, unprocessed snacks and smoothies into energy and nutrient packed powerhouses…
Chia seeds 
Absolutely loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and incredibly important omega-3 fats. Chia seeds are also high in fibre, protein and slowly processed carbohydrates for a steady boost in energy.
This incredible root nourishes the body’s endocrine system that produces and regulates hormones. Maca has been shown to help regulate many of the body’s important functions, including energy production, libido and our ability to cope with stress.
Packed with nutrients, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. The incredibly high concentration of these antioxidants helps absorb the free radicals that cause damage in the body, making it a perfect addition to your post- workout smoothie or snack.
One of the richest whole food sources found in nature, with more nutrients than any other plant. Spirulina is a fantastic addition to the diet of vegetarians and vegans particularly as it is one of the highest plant sources of iron and incredibly high in calcium. With 4 times more antioxidants than blueberries, it also makes a great anti-ageing additive to your diet.

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