Body & Movement: Suspension Training

Posted on 3rd March 2017 in Body & Movement

I’m not big on equipment.

It’s a fact that your body is the most advanced piece of equipment, highly equipped and state of the art gym you could hope to train with.

Having said that, combining your bodyweight training with a pair of rings can elevate your upper body strength to superhuman levels. If you haven’t already, just watch a gymnastic routine on the rings and guaranteed it will blow your mind and redefine what you previously thought about human strength potential.

If the rings are the original tool, suspension trainers like the TRX are the next generation: less intimidating, more user friendly and accessible. They too have been around awhile, and are a fantastic, hugely versatile tool in their own right.

As with all physical movements, they can be scaled to suit current strength and ability. I took a set of rings and a TRX to my favorite local ‘gym’ to explore the range of movements possible on them. If you haven’t trained with a suspension trainer, try it. If you’ve used one before, try advancing to the rings…

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